Auckland Commercial Lawyer – How They Can Help Your Business

Instances Where A Business Could Need The Services of An Auckland Commercial Lawyer


A commercial lawyer generally works with businesses, rather than with individual people or families. The types of law are different and so companies need specialist commercial legal skills. Any successful business or organisation will eventually need to deal with legal situations. Here the advice and services of an Auckland commercial lawyer will be crucial in regard to moving forward.


For example, when purchasing property or a large piece of equipment, a commercial lawyer will be able to assist with the purchase. They can look over the sales documents, any financing requirements, and reviewing leasing contracts.


Commercial leases can be especially onerous on individual business owners. It is important that the lawyer can explain the issues. They make sure the client is not going to be stuck with a major personal expense such as a Personal Guarantee.


commercial lawyers in AucklandA business will retain a commercial lawyer for various purposes. Another example might be if a business is going to be sued. It is better to try to reach agreement out of court if possible. The company’s lawyer can negotiate with the other party’s legal advisors to try to reach a mutually agreeable outcome.


Often, companies will want legal advice at a moment’s notice. Therefore, you will often come across an Auckland commercial lawyer who is on retainer. That means that the lawyer is paid a regular fee so that legal advice will be readily available in such situations.


When a business is first formed, the lawyer will advise the founders on the type of corporate structure to use. This will one that will best suit their aims and ambitions. The lawyer will draw up the paperwork as necessary, and file with the necessary government documents.


A business might be a sole-trader i.e. a person working on their own. Another option is that a business could be a partnership. This means that the business consists of two or more people working together. Thirdly, a business can be a corporation. This is a separate entity formed to protect the owners from possible liability. It also can give the business a more permanent identity.

Risk And Obligations

Each of these has different risks, liabilities, and obligations. The lawyer can advise which is going to work for the company at that stage.

Auckland Commercial Lawyer – Summary

Other duties of a commercial lawyer would involve drawing up sales contracts and agreements with suppliers. Commission agreements for salespeople, and leases for the securing of space for warehousing, manufacturing and other properties they want to use.

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