Massage Therapy For Seniors For Better Health And Life

Ten Ways Seniors Can Benefit From Massage Therapy

As we age, many of us start to get ailments, illnesses, pains, or just simply we become less flexible. Sometimes these problems are just annoying while for other people they can be debilitating.  One excellent treatment for many ailments that affect seniors is massage therapy. Here are ten ways that senior citizens can benefit from having massage therapy.

Health-Related Benefits From Senior Massage

Improves your nervous system

Our nervous system needs to function well to keep us healthy and working well. For this to happen it needs to have hormones, endorphins and neurotransmitters. It has been found that massage therapy helps the production of those hormones including serotonin and dopamine both of which make us feel happy and good about ourselves.

Aids Recovery From A Stroke

Previously it was thought that bed-rest was a good recovery method from a stroke but recent research has suggested that a better way is to start moving. This gets the blood flowing but often patients have some degree of paralysis so to help alleviate this, massage is a good therapy.

Supports The Body’s Immunity

Our bodies retain toxins which can adversely affect our immune system. Massage helps to release some of those toxins thereby improving our immune system.

Improves Blood Flow and Circulation

Many older people suffer from poor blood flow. This can lead to many issues ranging from feeling cold to cramps, and many more. A good massage treatment can help improve the blood circulation thereby getting blood flowing to our limbs.

Pain Relief From Seniors’ Massage Therapy

Relief For Pain From Arthritis

Lots of seniors suffer from arthritis. This can vary from a mild discomfort to excruciating pain. Massage is by no means a treatment for arthritis but it can certainly help alleviate arthritic pain. The better blood flow to affected joints and warming muscles has been shown to help those in pain from arthritis.

Life-style Benefits From Having Massage

Massage Therapy Gives Better Balance and Posture

Senior massageFalling over is a common problem for many seniors as is pain from a poor posture. Falling is one of the biggest causes of hospitalisation for older people due to broken bones which become more brittle as we age. Massage therapy increases blood circulation to our muscles and limbs which means they can better support us as we walk about, therefore improving our balance and lowering the chances of falling.

Keeps Muscles Pliable and More Functional

Our muscles get harder and less flexible as we get older. This is because people are generally less active and more sedentary. Massage treatments is an excellent method for softening muscle tissue which means that your body will be more flexible and suffer less pain and cramps.

Better Flexibility

In old-age people’s muscles and joints stiffen and making life more difficult and less comfortable. Massage therapy helps to make the muscles softer which means that they can stretch or contract more which in turn improves our range of flexibility. That means we can carry out a wider range of activities with less impediment, and enjoy our lives more.

Better Sleep

Poor and disrupted sleep is a problem for many seniors. Massage has been shown to increase people’s relaxation which in turn can help them to sleep better.

A Feeling Being Cared For

We all want to be cared for and enjoy a life of better physical comfort. Massage therapy can help with both of these issues. The hands-on touch of a massage therapist makes a connection with the patient adding to the feeling of being cared for. Massage also increase relaxation which leads to a feeling of better physical and emotional comfort.

If you know of a senior person who could benefit from any of these outcomes from massage therapy for seniors on the North Shore, please 021 0671417.

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